Meet Julie Reid

Julie’s cancer arrived when she was 23, and returned when her daughter Karys was four years old. When it spread to her lungs the doctors told her the chemotherapy was not working and she should enjoy the time she had left. She went home to care for her daughter, and joined the church at the end of her road. Six years on she is alive and well, and surprises everyone by falling in love with a fellow church attender, having a baby and getting married.

Here's a clip with Julie from Seven Songs from a Long Life:

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Seven Songs on the telly

Did you miss Seven Songs for a Long Life during Hospice Care Week? The film was shown over 50 times across the UK, but maybe nowhere near you?

Well, if you're in Scotland, here's another – and much more convenient – chance to see it. 

The film is screening on BBC 2 Scotland this Friday (16 October). It's worth reading Amy's thoughts on the film over on the BBC website: The moving story of the hospice that found life through song.

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Meet Nicola McInally

Nicola is the busiest woman on the planet. Four children, dog, husband, a hairdresser who wants to move into garden design, optimistic and practical, her cancer’s return after five years has slowed her down, but only just. Her priority is her family. She is determined that the cancer takes second place to their fun times, and she embraces home-movie making, singing and baking. She is tested and tested again by the cancer as it eats through her body, and the strength she gains from her family is mind-blowing.

Here's a clip with Nicola from Seven Songs for a Long Life:

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Meet Mandy Malcomson

Mandy wanted to be a nurse in intensive care, and very quickly realised she was interested in the people more than the machines. She found her home in palliative care where her skills of listening, pain management and sense of humour shine. She loves singing, and her ability to draw the patients out through music is one of the inspirations for this film. As well raising a family and working full time, she is part of a local choir that just played their debut at T in the Park to great acclaim.

Here's a clip with Mandy from Seven Songs for a Long Life:

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Meet Alicia Phillips

Alicia has had a full life and enjoyed every moment. Trained as a midwife, she worked in the poorest areas of Liverpool before settling back in Scotland. Long retired, she is a self-confessed TV shopping addict, but then resells the jewels for donations to the hospice. Her cancer causes her no pain, and she is ready to rejoin her husband, who died several years previously.

Here's a clip with Alicia from Seven Songs for a Long Life:

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The film's world premiere on film

If you didn't make it to our world premiere in Stirling last Friday (or if you'd like to re-live it) then this is for you: videos of the introductions, the choir and the Q&A.

Introduction & Strathcarron Singers

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