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Seven Songs for a Long Life is available on DVD in the UK directly from us.

This one-disc DVD comes with the theatrical cut of Seven Songs for a Long Life, plus extra content including:

  • four interactive sessions with protagonists from the film
  • a discussion between writer Richard Holloway and director Dr Amy Hardie
  • an interview with Hilary Brooks, the film's singing facilitator.

Purchase the feature DVD in America

The feature version of the film will become avaiable to purchase in America this year. Please contact Argot Pictures for more information.

Add a donation?

The cost of the DVD is £12.50. If you would like to customise this by adding a donation please enter the total amount you would like to pay, including the price of the DVD. The donation goes towards the awareness campaign we are currently working on for the film. To find out more about this work, have a look the Use the Film section of the website.

If you would like to use this film for more than personal use please visit Use the Film for more information on our Educational Edition or screening the film in your own community or place of work.

Our DVD offer is for the UK only at this point.

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