Screening Toolkit

Are you going to host a screening of Seven Songs for a Long Life? Or thinking about it and want to know more? Then this part of the website is for you.

Who can host a screening?


You can screen the film for any purpose – a fundraiser, a seminar, a death café, or just a social event! Anybody can get involved and any venue can be used. We can pair hospices with cinemas, health practitioners could screen in hospitals, film clubs in village halls, individuals in your home - the list is endless.

What venue can I screen the film in?


The film can be screened in any venue, from your local cinema to someone’s living room. We give you creative license on this. Keep in mind there are some cinemas that are taking part in the Ourscreen initiative which makes it even easier for you to put up a screening.

What materials will I receive?


When you book the film for a screening we’ll be able to provide you with a screening kit including:

  • A screening copy of the film (several formats available depending on your venue’s needs)
  • Digital marketing tools
  • Tips on how to make an impact with your screening and get your audience in.

How much will it cost me?


We want this film to be seen as widely as possible. We want it to spark conversation, create social change and help people through difficult times. A contribution from you towards a screening fee could help us reach an even bigger audience. We ask you to donate as much as you can manage so that we can continue our work with the film. Please contact us directly if you need to discuss this further.

What format does the film come in?


DVD, BluRay disc, or a downloadable video file (high-definition Quicktime).

If you’re not technical, the team at SDI will talk you through the best option for you.

When do I need to book the film by?


You can book the film anytime from now. To screen during Dying Matters Awareness Week we recommend booking the film by Thursday 5th May to give us time to post out your materials. If you would like to screen in a local cinema contact us as soon as possible to arrange this.

Can I show the film outside the UK?



Contact us for information about screening the film in the UK, in Europe and the rest of the world at [email protected]

For screenings in the USA contact Argot Pictures at [email protected]

Who do I contact?


Before you contact us: have you registered your interest as a host through this form? Have you provided more details about your event? Have you read through all of this tookit

You can reach Rebecca Day at the Scottish Documentary Institute through our contact form

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