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80% of us say we want to die at home but almost none of us do.

We need to raise our emotional readiness around end-of-life care to match the increasing options available as medicine progresses! It takes courage, but the rewards are enormous.

Seven Songs for a Long Life makes it easy to think and talk about death. The film’s pleasurable and surprising mix of song and easy conversation leaves people uplifted and able to make choices and decisions about their end of life values. They then have the confidence to turn to their doctors or health professionals for deeper discussions.

We released the film in the UK in 2015, in partnership with Hospice UK, during their Hospice Awareness Week. The film screened in cinemas, hospices, funeral homes, community centres, churches and individuals' homes. This was the first time that the leading UK palliative care organisations came together to work on a public engagement project through film.

Since that release we have been expanding our reach with the film and making it as accessible as possible to all sectors of the community.

As Dr Ros Taylor MBE, Clinical Director of Hospice UK, puts it:

“We already have the right paperwork – we have the carefully worked out legal documents to record resuscitation and end of life wishes …but we need people to use them! Seven Songs makes all the difference – people watch the film and are moved to contact us, their doctor, and take the steps that will help them face death with the least anxiety, and ensure the greatest of comfort. I call it edutainment…and this was the missing link between paperwork and practice!”

So how can you use the film?

  • Watch the film in the privacy of your own home (online and DVD)
    – for patients, carers, families, members of the public, 'death cafés'

  • Use the Educational Edition - with its 11 extra short clips and educational resource pack
    – for health practitioners, educators, students, therapists

  • Run a screening or workshop
    – for anyone but may particularly benefit hospices, care homes, funeral homes, death cafes, policy changers

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