Nursing Revalidation

The Nursing & Midwifery Council revalidation is a requirement that can be met in part through the use of Seven Songs for a Long Life.

Tips on Continuous Professional Development (CDP) and Nurse Revalidation

It is necessary for registered nurses to fulfill the requirements for revalidation on Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) register. The Seven Songs for a Long Life film and educational pack can play a part in this by nurses considering the impact on their CPD of a Seven Songs screening or working through the educational materials. For example, the NMC requires nurses in the three-year period since their last renewal to:

  1. Complete and log 35 hours of learning on the NMC template (of which 20 must be participatory)
    – think about logging the screenings and being shown how to facilitate a post screening workshop/discussion.

  2. Obtain five pieces of practice-related feedback
    – think about obtaining feedback about how you facilitated a screening or the impact of it on your practice.

  3. Complete five written reflective accounts on the NMC template
    – think about reflecting on facilitating a screening or working your way through the educational materials and the impact this had had on your practice.

All of this must relate to the NMC code.

For more details visit:

Samples of completed revalidations

Reflective Account – District Nurse Student

Reflective Account – Lecturer in Adult Community Nursing

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