What's this all about?


Music gives expression to our hearts when words are often not enough.

During her four years of filming at the hospice, filmmaker Amy Hardie found the patients’ desire to sing gave her an insight into who they were in a way that interviews never could.

“I had committed to making a patient-led documentary but had never imagined that what the patients would most want to do would be to sing! I loved it.”

Singing is a powerful method of communication. It’s a form of expression that goes way beyond words- so it’s no surprise that it ended up becoming a supportive thread throughout the film.

Why should I be part of #MyLastSong?


We encourage you to sing!

  • Have you a favourite song that you hum to yourself?
  • Or maybe you have an instrument you love to play?
  • Is there someone you want to dedicate a song to?

This is your chance. In the film Seven Songs for a Long Life, the characters draw us into their world of living after the shock of a terminal diagnosis. There is no room for procrastination! But there is space for hope, for making the most of every opportunity, for cherishing everything that we have, and focusing on the things that matter the most.

We want to create an environment that enables people to talk more freely about dying and to reach those who find this such a difficult subject – which is most of us! As Amy discovered, if you can’t find the words to speak, then sing!

(And we admit we got inspired by the hugely successful Ice Bucket Challenge...)

How can I get involved?


Regardless of your age or health, we ask you to share in that experience by uploading a video of you singing or playing an instrument. The song can be one that means a lot to you, summing up you and your life, or you can dedicate it to someone special.

We encourage participants to be as creative as possible. You can sing anything you want, even if it’s just a verse or a chorus, an instrumental piece, or an original song of your own. We also encourage choirs and local singing groups affiliated with hospices to take part.

What should I include in my video?


Simply copy a link to the uploaded video and fill in the form on this page.

You will then have your own listing on our website, which makes it easy for it to be seen and shared.

You can post your video directly to social media sites. Please mention the hashtag #MyLastSong in the text of your post and make sure your post is public so we can actually see it.

What will happen to my video?


You will retain full ownership and responsibility for your video. You'll just need to comply with the rules of the platform you've uploaded the video to.

You simply allow us to share your video and your name on this website and on social media, that's all.

But... I can't sing...?


Of course you can! You've read this far, now just do it!

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